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Shut-Up Wesley

From Twitchy we have Wil Wheaton pissing his pants with impotent rage over the idiotic gun-control legislation failing:

"Fuck the NRA."
-- Wil Wheaton (@wilw) April 17, 2013

Read the entire conniption-fit HERE.

Dear C-list celebrity:

Consider yourself lucky that the gun-control legislation failed, as it would have heralded the start of the next Civil War - you stupid bitch. Go back to milking the fading embers of your child-acting career and trolling nerd cons and expos you afem-fuck.

Yeah, that's right, we just made up an entirely new insult specifically for your kilt wearing ass - whatcha gonna do about it?

Speaking for a good number of us, you just wore out your welcome Prog-Nazi. More than a few of our members will be sure to avoid T.V. shows, conventions, and expos featuring you in the future. We'd say "movies" too, but since you were pitched off the set of the last Star Trek film, we know your big-screen career is deader than Dickens.

Seriously though... you're like a low budget Neil Patrick Harris. (Without the talent).