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So How Do You Start a Revolution?

While perusing the always entertaining Rottweiler Empire, we noticed one of our favorite posters - and resident legal-beagle - was going on quite a tear. Like the rest of us, HempRopeAndStreetlight is fit to be tied over the Virgina Election Result - but as the thread ripened, it meandered off towards a more "revolutionary" destination (lame old-man pun intended)...

Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery suggested that a conservative take-over of the Republican party was the best solution to our nation's malaise. Several posters took issue with this however, the most vocal of which was our very own HempRopeAndStreetlight, who likened such an approach to "Tying to Co-opt Satan's Throne."

Then... the following exchange happened, and to say the "cogs started turning" is a dramatic understatement...

"Elaborate please, if we don't change it by getting inside the system and cleaning it up then how do we fix it?"
- Jaybear, Colonel of Imperial Ancient Artillery

To which HempRopeAndStreetlight responded with...

"You are familiar with 4th generation warfare yes? Escalation is the name of the game. Deliberately provoke fedgov into overplaying their tyranny. Push and up-the-ante at every turn. Force them to peel away the velvet from their iron fist, then more overt actions become legitimized."

"So where to start? Mass protests are good, with some targeted civil unrest or property destruction. And when I say targeted I mean targeted. Ripping out all the barricades and dumping them on the white house lawn is a good one. Destroying government property - such as the vandalism that went on at the various road-blocks is another excellent example. The destruction needs to be clever, appropriate, and substantial enough to make the giant swat back."

"Other options? Sabotage, both economic and literal is a nice addition. We each have opportunities to break something important when FedGov is not looking - yes? We can also use our money in ways that brings material harm to it's institutions."

"We can damage it by withdrawing our money. Participate in the shadow economy whenever and wherever possible. Pay cash for everything, and ask for cash discounts. Adjust your taxes creatively into oblivion by donations to various charities and claiming dependents. Adopt those lovely little tax-deductions if you don't have them - give them a nice home - and indoctrinate the holy-shit out of them."

"Breed. Breed like crazy, and home school'em. Fuck for freedom! Keep the rug-rats out of FedGov shit-hole education centers. Make them go to church, keep the fucking TV off unless supervised, and teach the kids useful shit like shooting, archery, and woodcraft."

"Network with neighbors. Find out who you can trust, and slowly establish an axillary amongst them. They don't need to know your intent - get their slowly. Baby-steps, choose friends wisely, keep your propaganda up, and by the time they are needed, they'll be volunteering to help. Safe houses and like minded folks working together are what enables a resistance movement. Start laying the groundwork now - it will be needed."

"Gather people with useful skills and like minds - engineers, tradesmen, metal workers, aka demolitions experts, support staff, and munitions manufacturers. Help them when they are in bad shape economically. Patronize their businesses when you can afford to - and when you can't. Find reasons to hire them. Your charity will be remembered when excrement hits the rotating oscillator, and they will be willing to render services, or perhaps look the other way while you use their equipment."

"Use your vote as a weapon. Vote for whoever you think will make things WORSE. Vote for those who will sew chaos in the ranks. Vote for the Rodeo-clown. Put every absolute idiot you can find in office, and let them do the work of de-legitimizing themselves and pissing away their mandate for you."

"Start laying in supplies, first at home, then with small caches in alternate locations. Get a large garden established, and learn to can. Rasberries are a great source of vitamin C and easy to grow. Self sufficiency is an anathema to the FedGoons. Not only can you resist them for a long time if they try to pull a "Ukraine," you can funnel said supplies to the resistance - supplies purchased or grown before FedGov starts really looking for that sort of thing."

"Get in shape, Get your kids and nieces and nephews in shape. Teach group tactics and organization skills, disguised as games - paintball is exceptional for this, but many team sports teach this as well. Teach general bush-craft if in a rural area, civics and urban survival skills if in a city."

"Learn to love propaganda. Use social media, buy some cheap radio spots, buy a newspaper ad. Pick at scabs. Make fliers and place them around parking lots. Nothing in depth, just a sentence in big letters and a picture - so that even the annoyed people ripping it off their wipers will see it. Spend some time each day going to various message boards, and pushing your agenda. Keep it pithy."

"Mockery is a deadly weapon - use it prolifically and publicly to embarrass and shame. Ridicule, snark, and be-clown the opposition. The most deadly barbs are those thrown with a grin."

"This is where I would start sir. We make things ungovernable, and as FedGov's control crumbles, they will act rashly. This will justify their overthrow, and legitimize those who will then be able to fight them in a more open manner. It will also badly degrade the Feds ability to fight, as the economic damage the above suggestions will inflict will be, to put it bluntly - dramatic. Hellfire missiles cost lots of money."

"This is of course just the foundation. Much much move overt things start happening down the road. But the key now, is to lay the bed-rock for the axillary, and poke at the FedNazi's with a long stick until they boil the frogs too fast."
- HempRopeAndStreetlight

Read the entire debate HERE.

Sweet-jumping-jack-flash-on-a-fucking-pogo-stick... it's like the man published the Thomas Paine edition of "Rules for Radicals." Now, as to the meat of what he's getting at... a great deal of his... looooooooooooong post looks like sound guidance - even for those not wanting to inspire an armed insurrection.

We just can't bring ourselves to offer arguments against people with advice like "use cash," "dodge taxes," "grow a big garden" and "lay in supplies." If those activities happen to destabilize Leviathan as an added bonus... well now... that's just too bad - isn't it?