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Dare We Suffer the Women?

No civilization can long survive female voting - nor women serving in the political caste. A nation so afflicted is inexorably damned and doomed.

The first truism of the female condition is that women will happily trade every freedom a nation enjoys for the promise of ephemeral safety. This impulse to "make-the-world-safe-from-itself" will be exploited by cunning and evil people to cut a swath through a nation's liberties.

"Don't drink that. Don't be a bully! Stop fighting you guys! Don't say that! Wear a helmet. Use a seat-belt. Wear the mask. Get the shot..."

Next, women do not believe in facts - hard data and objective reality is meaningless to females. They desire to be "morally right" in the eyes of their peers - and society at large. They have zero interest being factually correct, so long as they "feel they are doing what's right." This mindset, unchecked, will endanger a woman and her loved ones - for the cold, jagged steel of reality gives not one shit about "feelings" - or the fashionable morays of the hour.

"Those poor Mexican kids look sad in those cages! Guns are scary and I don't need them! Those boats full of poor refugees! Nobody should ever go hungry! Those people only behave like that because they're poor!"

Finally, women are extremely vulnerable to social pressure - indeed; most females evaluate themselves nearly entirely based social standing. This truth means they are extraordinarily vulnerable to peer-pressure... and highly prone to group-think - a fatal flaw when dealing with political power. Women easily succumb to rigged polls, fake news, propaganda and gas-lighting. They are creatures of hierarchies and credentials. Not metrics, benchmarks or results.

"I saw that on The View! My friends think that nobody needs those fast cars! She had SIX degrees, so you know she knows what she's talking about! I saw it on NPR you know!"

When you examine the reality of female nature, you understand that almost no woman can be trusted with the franchise of voting - nor does she have any place in the halls of politics. The daughters of Eve will ruin any civilization they're granted sway over. Our forebearers understood this, and almost universally kept women from power - and they did so not out of jealously or hatred - but for the female's own protection. From herself.

If untethered, the fairer sex will destroy the providence of their children. This is a macabre reality we'll learn to experience in the first-person... as our decline accelerates. Witness now the terminal culmination of women's suffrage - and despair. It will attain its inevitable and bloody conclusion, of that we can be certain.

Kipling, as always, had the right of it...