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School Textbook Rewriting the Constitution

Hat-tip to Bryan Preston at the PJ Tatler:

John J. Newman and John M. Schmalbach prove themselves to be traitorous minions of Sauron with their retch-inducing interpretation of the bill of rights in their book United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Examination. What's worse, is the fact their bilge-flotsam is being peddled to impressionable children in school. These two men would no doubt have been quite comfortable working in Heinrich Himmler's propaganda ministry, (and God-willing, they come to a similar end).

Of the litany of historical perversions, half-truths, obfuscations and deliberate fabrications found in this 2.4 pound shit-sandwich, their criminal butchery of the Bill of Rights is down-right Orwellian. (Perhaps someone should remind these two Orcs that 1984 was a cautionary tale...)

For example - those of us who went through school before it was taken over by goose-stepping socialist prog-Nazis, remember the language of the 2nd Amendment going something like this:

"A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."
- The Bill of Rights

Naturally, "well-regulated" in the period of the founding meant "skilled in the use of arms and warfare," and "militia" meant "THE MOTHER-FUCKING-PEOPLE," and specifically NOT State controlled Military Units. Even the most mealy-mouthed asshole prog-tard hacks will eventually admit to this when you corner them enough. But listen to the criminal garbage being spewed like liquid-shit into the minds of America's youth, courtesy of these two street-light ornaments Newman and Schmalbach:

"The people have the right to keep and bear arms in a state militia."
- Gruppenfuhrer Newman & Landesinspekteur Schmalbach

Yeah these people are filth - we'd make some comparison to liver-flukes, but frankly, digestive parasites don't deserve the bad-press. For your convince, we have linked the Amazon.com comments page for their "product" HERE.

Feel free to drop by and give their treachery the sort of "praise" that such work justly deserves.

Update I - The Dog-pile Commences:

Somebody woke up the internet with their propaganda-masquerading-as-children's-educational-material... ...oh-oh...
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Update II - The Game is Afoot:

One of the Dethlings has kindly pointed out that John J. Newman has some "other" literary kidney stones for sale HERE.

I am sure all of his glorious literature needs to be properly reviewed. You know. For the children.

Oh... it looks like some other liberty minded folks beat us out the starting gate...

"He thinks the Second Amendment to the US Constitution says that only the Government has the right to own guns. If I was him, I'd be asking for a refund from my Alma Mater - I sure wouldn't be writing any books!!!"
- Brian Clark


"By taking a look at the other books that he has done, I can say it would be a safe bet to not waste your money on this book either."
- Customer

Must suck being a "public figure."