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The "FUCK YOU" Movement - Time to Misbehave Fellow Serfs

Mike Hendrix of Cold Fury and Bill Quick of Daily Pundit have figured out the next step We the People need to take against the lawless, immoral and completely bat-shit insane antics of the Federal Leviathan:


The United States Government, their supplicant cheerleaders, (and their willing apparatchiks in the media), have deliberately sought to brand themselves the foe of every civil liberty and right enjoyed by the citizens of this republic.

As such, they have abdicated all legitimacy and authority over us. The FedGov has surrendered their mandate. They are now illegitimate pretenders - to a throne that never existed in the first place. Their regulations and laws? Tyranny and lunacy - defiance of such becomes duty constant readers.

As these insatiable assholes infesting the various strata of our government are about to learn, those who shit upon the rule of law can no longer cower behind it - nor can they use it as a bludgeon against a people unwilling to submit to their petty petulant horseshit.

Allow Mike Hendrix to demonstrate the prudent manner for dealing with this caste of pretend-nobility:

- President Dronekill Speaks -
M.H: Fuck you.
- Congress Varmint Squawks -
M.H: Fuck you.
- Maggot Infesting the Senate Rambles -
M.H: Fuck you.
- Media Goon Speaks -
M.H: Fuck you.
- Journalist Shill Opines -
M.H: Fuck you.
- Federal Stooge Shouts -
M.H: Fuck you.
- Federal Thug Threatens -
M.H: Fuck you.
- NSA Snoopers -
M.H: Fuck you.
- Drone Supporting Tyranny Praddles -
M.H: Fuck you.
- IRS Bot Demands Healthcare money -
M.H: Fuck you.

The next time some self imporntant government shithead gets in yours business, remember the NEW battle-cry of this rapidly dying Republic:


Repeat until the stooge gets the point. Failing that, well then.... perhaps we will need to start taking steps. (But that is a discussion for further down the road - yes?).

In Our opinion, the government of this miserable nation has always worked best when these civil servants are terrified shitless of the population. If these useless fuckwitts don't lay awake at night in a cold sweat, dreaming of their useless carcases decorating an Overpass, We The People are not communicating our thesis properly.

We say it again - FUCK YOU.

Bill Quick has more:

"America is governed with the consent of the governed. Withdraw your consent."

"Ignore the laws, regulations, and cultural mandates of the tyranny. Whenever you can (short of going directly to jail) simply say, "Fuck you."

"And then ignore them."

"Law and order? What good is that, when the law itself has become the principal tool of the tyrants afflicting us? When every one of us commits at least a felony a day, whether we realize it or not? When the law means one thing for the rich and powerful, and something entirely different for the rest of us?"

- Bill Quick

This. These pustulent flukes swarming around Washington D.C. must be defied. They are not our Goddamned masters - and they can't keep control of this train-wreck nation without our PERMISSION.

Withdraw it. Ignore their edicts. Shaft them monetarily. Take back your support. Hurt them with every opportunity - make it your hobby. You have a hundred chances a day to materially damage the Behemoth. Make the most. Squander their time and resources at every possible moment in every possible way. Not one single day ticks by where you cannot toss grit in the gears - they call us Terrorists already - let them see how TERRIFYING WE CAN TRULY BE.

This nation cannot stand without our willingness to submit to their daily abuses and usurpations. Stop. Do not comply.


It's time.

Fuck You Despicable FBI Toads.
Fuck You DEA Nazis.
Fuck You BATF - and the Clown-shoes you hobbled in on.
Fuck You President Peace-Prize.
Fuck You Miserable House of Non-Representing Representatives.
Fuck You Bought-And-Paid-For Senators.
Fuck You Functionally Illiterate Supreme Court.
Fuck You Agriculture Department Stooges.
Fuck You Money-Wasters at The Department of Energy.
Fuck You HUD you Pompous Assholes.
Fuck You Treasonous Vermin at the CIA.
Fuck You x10 DHHS You Statist Totalitarian Assfucks.
Fuck You Jack-boot Freakpots at the Forest Service.
Fuck You Federal Reserve Bank Eating Money from Our Pockets.
Fuck You Treasury Dipshit Looters.
Fuck You Very Much EPA For Your SWAT Raids on Family Farms.
Fuck You Department of Non-Education.
Fuck You NSA and your Faux-Lotus-Eater-Machine Techno Police State.


Update I: 10/10/13 - Spread the Word Good Fellows

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