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The Government Has Lost the Consent to Govern

Spying on the press. Using the instrumentality of the government to attack, suppress, and destroy free speech. Arming the Mexican cartels to perpetrate false flag attacks in the name of citizen disarmament. Destroying the currency and savings - and thus the life - of the citizenry. Passing unconstitutional edicts infringing on the liberty of the people.

This is what our leaders offer us in exchange for our hard won treasure. Slavery and oppression. Tyranny writ large.

This is a government that is lawless, corrupt, and in shredding the rule of law, they have willfully abdicated the consent of the people. The Constitution is effectively a dead letter due to their unwillingness to adhere to it. The Prog-Nazi's and their retard pet Neo-cons have gotten their wish - the Republic is truly gone, and they now govern as iron-handed tyrants - not properly elected representatives of the citizenry.

Civil-servants have coronated themselves civil-masters, and made themselves a throne from the tattered ashes of our once great nation. They think themselves just, wise, and infallible, when in fact, they are the polar opposite. They crush and destroy all who speak against them, convinced of the utter righteousness of their ideals, too blind to see their inquisition for what it is.

They are tyrants, deserving of a tyrant's fate, and their dessert draws ever closer - for the fools, in destroying law, have not simply crumbled the barriers protecting we the people from their totalitarian poison - they have torn away the shield that protects them from us. Indeed, when confronted with a wretched government, operating without the consent of it's people, an overthrow of said government becomes not simply desirable - but an operational imperative, transcending the need for safety, wealth, and even life itself.

They started the war, willingly and fully aware of the repercussions. Anything that happens beyond this point is the wages due for boat they've summoned. And Charon wants his silver.


Update: Bill Quick - A Nation of Suicidal Idiots

Bill Quick, at Daily Pundit muses:

Not "it can happen here."

It is happening here. Jebus, people. Look around you. Are you so blind, stupid, ignorant and greedy that you can't see or understand what is happing right in front of your face?
- Bill Quick

Read the entire piece HERE.

The people? Well.. a few of us are making the necessary preparations to deal with the coming problems. Some are simply cows, chewing their cuds and paying no attention to anything of merit. A few are so busy scratching out a living they can't afford to pay attention. Others are happily participating in the creation of their Prog-tard Nirvana - reveling in he destruction of the "old."

The same as it always ever was in dying countries since... forever.

One seeming certainty of human nature is that we can't learn from our past failures. We have to repeat them over and over and over until we reach a point technologically that we can blast ourselves back to rocks and sticks - and then we can start all over again.