Politics & Rants

The Great Lie & Doughnuts

Sunday morning, we sat at Gary and Leo's IGA drinking coffee and chowing down on bearclaws, when Charlie, (the baker), started what we like to call "a ruckus." Ol'Chuckles has always been a bit of a contrarian, and loves to invite himself into our bush-league debate forums - which is of course why we like the gnarled old bastard. Well… that and he makes the best bearclaws, maple bars and desert roses you've ever stuffed in your pie-hole. You can tolerate a lot of shit from somebody who churns out $0.99 cinnamon rolls the size of a baby seal's head… pre-clubbing.

Know this about Charles: He's a union goon, through and through - and a loyal DemonRat foot soldier since he cast his first vote for JFK. That said, the bastard knows his shit just enough that he'll eat your breakfast if you leave the A-game under your bed. Cunning like a rat. He's not stupid, and not to be taken lightly.

Now our table's been set, so we can return to Sunday morning, 7:32 A.M.

There we were, "souring" on the cops latest outrage, and having once, in a bygone era, been supporters of the "great protectors of the civil society," (sour words these days), Charlie was quick to wag his finger and issue a round of smug "I told you so's." We decided to let it skip, since he pretty much had a point, but, like all good Progs, he just had to keep poking the grizzly:

"When the system gets used against you, only then do you realize the ferocity of ‘the man' and your ability to do nothing but vote about it."
- Chuck, the Gary & Leo's IGA Baker

This is of course the exact moment when the boot began to lift in preparation of the stomp. Eyes narrowed, gazes were met, coffee cups clinked on saucers and doughnut-time just became serious business.

The filibuster commenced:

One is only powerless if they choose to be. You, one person, has the capability and resources to seek recompense from any injustice initiated by the corrupt bureaucracy - and the power to damage said system orders of magnitude worse than it could ever hope harm to you.

For example, in pure monetary terms - and remember: Money is how we gauge the value of a human lifetime's absolute productivity - how much damage did McVeigh, Dorner, Kaczynski, Weaver, Heemeyer and Stack inflict on our system compared to the injustice, (perceived or otherwise), it caused them?

The answer? In truth, each man did multiples of whatever abuse they suffered at the hands of municipal, state and/or federal governance. Some of them even manged to survive the act.

So no, you are not powerless - you, as an intelligent, free-thinking, free-willed human-being possess all the means needed to inflict absolutely disproportionate amounts of damage on your oppressors.

Now, one can certainly choose to meekly bear their shackles. Or… they can bulldoze two-thirds of a town to rubble as revenge for the tyranny inflicted by an amok government. The system is after all indefensible, and just recompense - with all due interest - can be had for any electing to seize it.

"The man" is frail and weak - he rules only by fear and the willing acquiescence of the cattle. His authority - like his strength - is an illusion - a lie believed so people can kiss their kids at night and pretend they're nice and safe. It's also a falsehood used to justify doing nothing in the face of open tyrants.

Chuck got wild eyed - pronouncing us a bunch of crazy wingnuts - and stomped off to pull doughnuts from the fryer… for probably the fiftieth time in the sixteen years since Gary Leland bought his bakery out. We laughed, finished off our coffee and left for church. Mission accomplished and another Sunday morning well spent.