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"The Thing" - An Open Letter to Ace of Spades

Dear Ace of Spades: We noticed you've been a tad maladroit lately...

Well, we suppose Cruz should have stuck to sticking it exclusively in his spouse - or perhaps he shouldn't have decided to campaign as Archangel Metatron bearing the gospel of Christ on earth. A wonk can survive infidelity... weathering rank hypocrisy is a smidgen more difficult.

The scope, evidence and sheer number of courtesans leads us to believe this is more than typical scandal-sheet trash - one or two bimbos is a standard issue rat-fucking. Three or four is troubling. Around five mistresses, (or eight?!), pattern recognition starts kicking in. The fact that Rancid Rubio's minions, GOPe shills and several other meathead flocks have been pushing the narrative for some weeks - while the big conservative guns spiked the story - only solidifies our notion something decidedly unbecoming went on here.

Naturally, not being the stupid sort, we acknowledge the likelihood of Trump's surrogates exhuming these bones prematurely. (We say "prematurely" because candidate Cruz's whoring around was likely how the RepubliCan't establishment intended to submarine the rube come November). Ladies and gentlemen.... welcome to political bloodletting. Dredging up Special Ted's carcasses not only helps Donald politically, it's also a square punch in the mouth - retribution for Cruz's minions dragging Trump's family into the fracas. Teflon-Don hits back.

So Ace, the bitter taste of disappointment - and your seething, impotent rage - is the realization setting in that our political process will not mend itself. Did you truly expect some conservative cavalier on a white charger to thunder in and sweep you free of our tyrannical government?

A nice fairy tale. A dream. But now, back in the real world, you rub the sleep from your eyes and rouse to videos, news reports and interviews of how your paragon is actually a serial philanderer. You not only begin to question how you were so easily duped, but why all the media outlets you trusted - Brietbart, Drudge, Red State, Hot Air and more - behaved just like the DemonRat Media. They certainly knew of this debauchery. Rubio's clown posse made certain of that. These bastions of journalistic integrity were hiding news from you. You've been betrayed and manipulated by not just the political establishment, but by those who you thought were your ideological comrades.

Well, there you go - happy fucking Easter Ace. Welcome to the wholly corrupt, Fallen United States of America. (FUSA).

Now, as you nurse the gaping knife-wound betwixt your shoulders, you can finally recognize the offenses we've endured for decades. Those of us crushed under heel have long understood this political process will NEVER allow rectification from within. Expectations of such are fantastic lies conservatives tell themselves... to avoid confronting the horrible ramifications. A coping mechanism. No... we don't really blame you - it is hard to admit one's nation is beyond salvation, and it's unpleasant to ponder revolution and sedition. But here we are - and truthfully, we've been here for the entirety of our lives. America's relative prosperity has thus far spackled over our decent into abject serfdom - but the crown molding is beginning to crack - and the crowd is taking note. Some of us more than others.

You will never fix this system by selecting from a gaggle of political whores, scribbling one's name on a slip of paper, and then relying on their paid minions to record it properly. Time and time again Ace, you set timber upon a crumbled foundation and then scratch your brow come Spring thaw - befuddled as to why the cabin walls staved in.

No Ace. Knock it to the ground and start over. Scatter the remnants. Scourge the earth where it stood. Build anew, minding the failures of the past. Everything else is doomed to tumble - as the groundwork is fissured beyond any hope of mending. You've more than once already prescribed the true remedy - perhaps superficially, or in jest. But... on a subconscious level, you did understand what needs to happen for any true redress of the people's grievances.

Now, as time dwindles, you faintly hear the dogs of war baying on the distant moors - and your cloistered world is getting a tad uncomfortable.

Sorry for shattering your safe space Ace, but this was all so very... predictable. You placed faith in politicians, their strumpets and in a system beyond redemption. You can sulk, retract back into your conch and even lash out at those experience has taught better. Or... you can take the time you still have to prepare for what's coming. (As unpleasant and bloody as it will surely be).

We intend to slash it to pieces Ace of Spades. We have chosen our destroyer... and we will enable him to the bitter end. We will not abandon this man on the field of battle, regardless of any foible, (and as we stand before God, we do mean "ANY"). "Why!?" you petulantly snort? Because Ace... he's our blade - and our weapon is sharp, merciless, yuuuuuge.... and accomplishing exactly what it must.

We choose Donald Trump as our destroyer - because we know better than to believe our salvation will ever come from Washington D.C. Oblivion is all that fetid swamp can conjure, so we shall turn it's power upon itself. When the time comes, we roll the dice on whatever slithers from the ruin.

We're in the mood for a bonfire Ace. Don't look so horrified - you suggested it first. We merely liked the concept... and decided to run with it.


(And fuck the consequences.)

Update: The Emperor is Not Sounding So Sure of Himself...

His Greatness over at the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler appears to be getting a tad concerned:

"With all of that out of the way, it is troubling, because even though we're very skeptic, that's still not proof of innocence. We're just going to go with the old, archaic notion of "innocent until proven guilty" here, even though we know it's not hardly fashionable anymore in this "there must be a fire even if we're not sure we can see the smoke because attention!" age."

"On the other hand, if it turns out it is true, then he's done as far as we're concerned. He'd be as big of a fraud as Marco the Amnesty Cabana Boy, and there's no wiggling out of that one. We didn't buy it with Billy Jeff, and we sure as hell isn't going to buy it with Cruz if he's guilty."
- Emperor Misha I

Read the entire post HERE.

That's not the writing of a person wholly convinced of his candidate's innocence. Cruz's complete unwillingness to strait up deny he cheated on his wife is also getting to be... tedious.

This mess is entirely his own fault. He CHOSE to posture as God's human incarnation. It seems more and more likely that he chose poorly. How he ever imagined this would stay under wraps is unfathomable.