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Bill Quick: "These Are the Liberal Fascists of Our Future"

Bill Quick at Daily Pundit noticed this wonderful video HERE featuring butt-licking apparatchiks gleefully signing a "Thank You" card to the IRS for using the Iron Fist of the federal government to target free speech. It's pleasing when the mask slips a bit, and the statist's hideous true nature shines through - like a shit covered beacon of shit, radiating shit, mounted upon a pedestal of shit, overlooking a harbor of liquid shit.

Quick had this (and more) to say about these useful idiots:

"Hey, welcome to the future. These are our own generation of home-grown yoots, slavering to lick the boots of tyranny."

"The only thing that would have made it better would have been to solicit signatures for a petition demanding that the IRS target liberal groups, and then filmed the resulting assaults on the petitioners for supporting, as Jeff puts it, the "hateful hatey haters."
- Bill Quick

Read the entire piece HERE.

We here at Deth find humorous a particularly poignant fact these grinning tools fail to grasp: When their litany of intolerable acts grow too numerous to bear - and the inevitable civil war results - they will absolutely not walk free of it unscathed.

The sort of 4th generational civil war threatening to boil over in America will "feature" scores of small patriot cells "doing their civic duty" with regards to little goosestepping fascists whenever an opportunity presents itself.

See Yugoslavia multiplied by 1,000,000 for a preview of what's coming here.

It's going to be a decentralized, freelance war of annihilation, and none of these morons or their families are going to be safe.

"How can we say such things!?"

Them's the breaks folks - Don't be mad at us for calling it like it is. After all, we've seen this shitty movie before, and we have the tee-shirt. When a nation demolishes the civil society, (as these Prog-Nazis are well into the process of doing), the creature slithering from the rubble is a good deal less... pleasant... in the manner with which it goes about resolving "disputes."

By the time they see their folly, we as a people will be well into the bloodshed.

We can't say we'll feel particularly bad for the Progs. They eagerly dug America's grave, they can at least manage a smile when they find themselves flung into it...

...or a road-side ditch, with more orifices than their mothers spat them screaming into this world with.