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They Plead for the Butcher's Bill

Watch this video below. What you see is an unspeakable, unforgivable abomination. This is an affront to God and all things wholesome. This is unequivocally unforgivable. There is no action, no words, no recompense that will make things right after this. NOTHING. The only viable solution is a bloody swath of vengeance and death against every single person responsible for these... murder-injections:

The people in our Governments, who pushed this wickedness, with the weight of law, must die - and they must die so slowly and in such indescribable agony that, in one-thousand years time, humanity will speak in hushed tones and usher the young outside when detailing it.

Death - for you.

Next... the soulless demons working for all large pharmaceutical corporations - down to the janitors and secretaries - must burn. Not "metaphorically." Not "hypothetically." Not "in-a-matter-of-speaking." They must all be chained to stakes, buried thigh-deep in cordwood, and set aflame. Charred until their shrieks fade into the roaring flames, and their flesh withers into ribbons of ember-flecked cinder, fluttering on the breeze.

Death - for you.

The cabal of globalist billionaires funding and pushing so much of this destruction must be drug, screaming from their gilded beds in the dead of night, and they must perish at the hands of the masses. Their last moments, spent in terror and horror, as the crowds batter, bloody, and beat them into unrecognizable mounds of flesh and ruined bone. Whatever remains shall be hung from the D.C. Mall, and left until elements and animals pick it to nothing - a warning to other malignant creatures who would seek to lord over the common man and bring plague into his midst.

Death - for you.

Finally, all of the people who propagandized for this injection - from the news-reporters to actors to entertainers to social-media influencers, must be exiled to the Congo, with only their clothing. All of these monster's possessions will be seized - down to the meanest penny - and collected in a large pool - to be distributed to those suffering and dying from the unconscionable jabs. Their families and all of their dependants will be thrown into the streets to survive on rats and garbage for the rest of their days. (A lingering example to those who might spread lies to the public). Rendering these castaways aid in any form will be punishable by exile.

Death - for you.

There must be a reckoning. An accounting. The guilty must pay with their lives, their fortunes, their fear and their agony.

Fuck them all. They brought this on themselves. No forgiveness. That's God's job... if he sees fit. I doubt he'll render it - as there have never been, nor will there ever be, souls less deserving mercy.

Death - for you.
The tyrant is the child of Pride
Who drinks from his sickening cup
Recklessness and vanity,
Until from his high crest headlong
He plummets to the dust of hope.
- Sophocles