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Updated: Total-Miserable-Fail-Of-A-Stuttering-Cluster-Fuck

Not content with merely being a titanic laughingstock... the media-savvy geniuses at the White House have produced this glittering gem... a... "cinematic diamond..." if you will... (and in this instance we use "cinematic diamond" as a synonym for "creeptastic social media failure")...

So... fellow loyal brownshirts... Have you had the talk?! No? Well... color us uniformly surprised.

To mention this kind of agitprop was not appreciated might be understating things somewhat... Youtube is being... "unkind..."

From the Comments:

Darnell W.
"The Obama Administration is just plain CREEPY."

Marcus Aurelius
lol, yeah a Beta is going to get me as a young adult to buy unaffordable Health Insurance with a 6k deductible when I make 12 bucks an hour. GTFO.

Ha! What a joke! These people whine about what a scam health insurance is (they are actually right), and how greedy insurance companies are, then they pass a law making us all buy from the insurance companies!!! HAHAHAHAHAA!!!!

Randal Severance
"We've joined a cult", seems pretty accurate

Mostly Original
i cant down vote this enough

Translation: if we can't lure our kids into getting overpriced insurance they probably don't need, and will seldom ever use, our insurance rates will go so high we won't be able to afford them...and Obummercare will collapse!

Argyle Nomad
This shows how stupid your government thinks you are....what a fucking joke!!

It gets harder and harder every day to defend the failure that is obama.

Glenn Snedden
How much did this cost taxpayers??

This video reeks of desperation, the entire thing was nothing but unrelated bs. This is your worst attempt at propaganda yet.

Tom Chance
The obamacare legislation was terrible. The product is terrible. This video is terrible.

"We joined a cult", yes you did! Yes we can!

Loren Ward
Look at what your tax dollars are going to. They need to make crappy advertisements to tell you that a crappy healthcare program is good for you. If it was actually good wouldn't the public want to go to it en masse? How many starving people would have been fed by the millions they have wasted in building a broken website for a broken system then made stupid advertisements to make us think the white on the top of chicken crap is frosting.

Bill Feratto
This is the most Disgusting thing I've ever saw my government do?

Paul Hilburger
Great example of your tax dollars being wasted.

WTF? He looks under 26 years old. Why aren't his "evil" parents covering him with their insurance?...oh yea, they probably lost their plan due to ObamaCare!

I'd call this "totally retarded" but I suppose that wouldn't be politically correct at this point. So let's settle on "incredibly special" and call a day.

Jim Finan
Hold on, I've gotta puke up my Christmas dinner!


Marshall Beddoe
What a joke. The state is inserting itself in every aspect of our lives. Now the government wants us to shill for it's garbage policies at the dinner table. Fascism is on the march...

Laura Schwartz
If anyone brings up this bullsh*t during our family Christmas we will be playing the Knockout game!

Partisan politics is more important than family??? Yeah, you've jumped the shark. That, or you're actively pursuing another civil war.

This is vile.

Jean Clement
Sounds like Americans are the ones getting stuffed for Thanksgiving!

Sparky Jabrones
"Gee, you really changed my mind about this issue and I am going to do exactly what you suggest".....said nobody on the internet. Ever.


sure...talk your kids into supporting this albatross. the U.S.S. Obamacare is sinking faster than the Titanic...

Geeze. The propaganda is getting thick.

I am thankful, on this Thanksgiving day, that none of my family is insipidly stupid enough to agree with, let alone endorse Obama or any of his incompetence, corruption or unconstitutional usurpation of power. OR any of his vomitous lackeys, such as, but not limited to, Hair Plugs Reid, Shotgun Joe or Michelle The Wookie.

Sabalom Glitz
Be Thankksful for you Not-So-Benign Overlords and their cute ads.

Reminds me of an SNL skit... Obama's whole presidency is like one long, aweful, painful to watch SNL skit.

I want the minute and fifty seconds back that you just stole from my life.

I think it's a great idea! Bring up ObamaCare (or what ever he's calling it this week) over Thanksgiving dinner so that everyone can become informed about what a joke it is and how they can avoid it. Yeah, I say the more discussion the better.

joe stalin
wow how desperate can you get.put your social security number and birth date on the the insecure website ,its the holiday season and identity thieves from Nigeria to china and all points in between are counting on you,i mean cmon, whats a little identity theft amongst friends?

Reported as misleading and fraudulent spam. I recommend you do the same.

Dresden Schultz
Failed policy, let's have the talk when your insurance drops you

Faith Coleridge
So, this is how the administration views college age children??

Hi, son! Our generation wants to screw yours. Again. Enjoy!

Pathetically unfunny and surprisingly frightening.


Molton Lavas
Looks like it's time to put Mom and Dad into a home for the "special"

Young and healthy people from age 18 to 28 have to be idiots to be paying $200 per month for old people who have cancer.

Walter Askins
On the first day of Christmas Obamacare gave to me the loss of my doctor. On the second day of Christmas Obamacare gave to me quadruple premiums. On the third day of Christmas Obamacare gave to me Cuban quality healthcare. On the forth day of Christmas Obamacare gave to me no out of network coverage. On the fifth day of Christmas Obamacare gave to me a broken website. On the sixth day of Christmas Obamacare gave to me IRS monitoring my health. On the seventh day of Christmas Obamacare gave to me identity theft from Nigerian scammers. On the eighth day of Christmas Obamacare gave to me r 12 thousand pages written in regs outside of congress. Sick of this song already. Obama should be impeached and tried for treason.

Nick Guariglia
Remember when everyone thought this kind of thing was hip in 2008?

Chris Randebacher
wow this is desperate.

Pravada called, they are mad you didn't use their trademark.

David Holguin
This is crap. I puked a little bit, in my mouth, upon hearing the Breaking Bad reference.

Michael Noll
Give me turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy. Then put on a football game so none of us have to talk. That's all you need to do. If you pull this hippie bullsh*t on me, I'm burning the house down.

Drew Liwanag
Get your failed, crony, thieving, misleading sham that is Obamacare and shove it up your *. Youre a thieving liar and a disgrace to the position you hold. I very much doubt that you have a soul.

If you knew a train was going to wreck, would you still get on? The is propagandist smut.

Juggy Gales
So you're telling me, during my family's beloved holiday where we come together to give thanks, I should try convincing them to visit a nonfunctional website where their personal identity and credit information is at risk, so that they might be able to sign up for crazy expensive socialized health insurance which has forced them to lose their existing plan and probably doesn't allow them to see their preferred doctor. How about I just flip everybody off, kick the family dog and whiz in the cranberry sauce? I'd get a better response.

Sonja Skinner
I'd do it, but......the website is still down.

ihave noidea
Humor is yet another thing the government should leave to the private sector.


Thomas Purcell
I guess the Onion is now working for the White House...

Steve Visel
How sad it this??

Is this a hipster sort of irony? Parody of an Onion's parody? This is deep, man!

Bobby Valentine
children don't let children subsidize their elders

Tammy Smith
So exactly how much taxpayer money are they spending on these craptastic ads? Seriously, that was wicked dumb!

Bob's Tank
If someone told me, in the 70's, that in 40 years there would someday be a Government sponsored ad like this, I'd tell them to quit smoking the 'wacky-tobacky'. Un-be-lieveable!

I was going to say I'm surprised that they allowed commenting, and then I remembered Healthcare.gov?

A word of warning for my family this Thanksgiving. You start this crap and I sneeze on the pumpkin pie.

Larry Sinclair
You have GOT to be kidding...... This kind of drivel makes me pray for nuclear winter!

Something tells me that my tax dollars paid for this propoganda.... Yegads. Should have ended. Sign up IF YOU CAN. WHEN YOU CAN. AND GOOD LUCK KEEPING YOUR INFORMATION SAFE. OR YOUR DOCTORS. OR YOUR CURRENT PLAN.

Obama is sooooo perfect.... he doesn't even shower... he licks his own @ss...!!

Wow... This should really be, "You're being forced to drop your affordable private insurance, to pay for older, richer people! With the more expensive government insurance! Isn't that nice!"

Jared Smith
Blow it out your ass, this is called propaganda.

Joseph Laraia
I hope this is satire. If not, the Obama people are freaking out of their minds.

I don't know which is worse: That it's a crass attempt to subvert the holiday, or the fact that it's such an amateur job of it.

He was right the second time thinking they joined a cult.

bRad Nichols
Conscientiously Objecting ! ! !

Michael Parrott
Did my tax dollars pay for this? Ridiculous.

Too bad this douchey family just lost all their health insurance...

Jarrod Cecil
Comments disabled in 3, 2, 1...

Mike Laughlin
The "Affordable care act" is as affordable as the patriot act is patriotic


On a wholly non-political level, this is the absolute stupidest video I've ever seen.

This is really stupid. And no; I'm not a conservative right-winger.

Look, we're trendy.

Sabin Lockheart
Ah, isn't that just cute and cuddly. Let's all go "awww!" as the government forces him to pay for insurance he doesn't need so he can support his parents bills.

I think my brain cells just died watching this joke!


Angie Anderson
If you like your cancellation letter, you can KEEP your cancellation letter.

John Laigaie
I had "the talk" with my kids. I told them that this was the dumbest idea of the century. They all told me that they were not raised to be stupid and obamas unaffordable care act was NOT going to be something they would consider.

Chris Beger
Instead of demanding that they take obamacare for themselves, demand the same method of coverage our politicians get.

I'll be happy to sign up for the exact same insurance all you politicians in Washington have. Sounds good to me! Oh wait? What? You politicians have insurance via some other method? Obama and his family won't take obamacare for themselves? Doesn't that seem very suspicious to you? Well then, SHOVE YOUR OBAMACARE UP YOUR A S S !!!!

Thanks to this horribad law, this kid's going to pay $200/month instead of $50.

That's so funny I almost forgot about what a terrible flop Obamacare has been!

I'm glad our taxes paid for such terribly acted propaganda

L. Buchanan
This is a so unbelievably pathetic piece of state generated propaganda. The mental midgets over at OFA are working a lot of underpaid overtime to please their benevolent, supreme leader.

What a pathetic piece of state propaganda. This reeks of desperation.

Chance Brig
Why do single men need maternity coverage? Why do women need screening for Prostate cancer?

Corey Hennigan
Poor, poor Barry. If this is what lengths you have to go to...Shame, Obamacare will be the same dismal failure as its name bearer

Ca M
If I had parents like that, I'd be investigating what it took to terminate parental rights. If I had a kid like that, same thing. Since we have a nanny state, can we terminate their rights?

I was expecting her to say "I'm pregnant & we want you to sign up & pay for it".

Ricky Lahey
Never...not in all the infinite parallel universes

RD Walker
Of course they want him to sign up. The whole purpose of Obamacare is to transfer wealth from young healthy people to older, less healthy people. If young people who do not want or need insurance fail to sign up by the millions, the whole ponzi scheme will collapse in an adverse selection death spiral. This video and all of Obamacare is a scam to bilk the young and healthy out of their meager income and savings.

You would think that propaganda died out with Joseph Goebbels in 1945, but NO! The Democratic Party uses the same techniques to manipulate. SHAME! Compulsory socialized programs are un-American. 57% of America opposes this program, and they're still trying to convince us to like it, four years later. SHAME. They only had 6 people sign up on day one. EMBARRASSING!

To all you poor people doomed to be born and living in that piece of sh*t land men have called the united states of Americana... I feel for you. I really do.

I'm sure all those people who lost their health care are LOLOL'ing.

Pissing myself laughing. "Land of the FREE". My arse. Your country is OWNED by corporations. Your OWNERS are robbing you. Wake up, suckers.

Add to the dunghill.

Joseph Hitchcock
Uh...this was a really cheesy video. Thanks, Obama.

Kevin Donlin
Authoritarians are just not funny.

John Holliday
So "The Talk" has gone from sex to health insurance? Obamacare -- the REAL turkey this holiday season!


Majin Yojimbo
Join the Brownshirts today!

WTF did I just watch? lol Talk about mindless propaganda. You have to be living under a rock not to realize how big of a giant failure Obamacare has been. They want you young adults to get insurance so you can pay for the damn program. It's a scam! Don't believe me, the liberal LA Times even says so. Besides this guy looks younger than 26, he should be on his parent's insurance still....right? Right? lol

Nathan Bollman
Yeah sign up to double your insurance cost and give them all your pertinent work payment info so they can automatically snatch it from your paycheck...

Herman Goebbels would be so proud!

Roddy G
Next we will have propaganda commercials telling kids to turn in parents for not compiling with big brother. The son should say, "I had insurance Mom and Dad, but I lost it, and the replacement is both impossible to get and too expensive. And besides, your generation is ripping us younger people off so that we are indebted slaves for perpetuity."

Has it really come to this? It's frightening to know the official propaganda arm of my President is publishing this tripe.

Michael Brown
So OFA wants us all to scrutinize our families for compliance *and get them to bring an Obamacare enrollment documentation with them for the holidays*. Sorry, guys - we are NOT your propagandizers and enforcers!

Obamazombies are creepy as hell...

I think they were correct about joining a cult.

Graham Rogers
How to ruin the Holidays by talking about the biggest failure of Government policy and socialist indoctrination in the last 100 years. Obamacare!

The Danite
We know you don't have health insurance, and we want you to know that if you don't get it, the full force of the Federal government is going to turn your life to sh*t. Merry Christmas.

We'd put up some pro comments... but we could not find any... by page four... and gave up.

Not to be outdone... the wizards-of-social-media have provided us with... this...

What a Miserable douche

Is that... a... Onesie?

Update I: His Majesty is Clearly NOT Impressed...

Emperor Misha I at the Anti-idiotarian Rottweiler has found King Barry's latest display of Beta-Male horseshittery to be... somewhat unbecoming of anything bearing a penis...

"We meanů Are they TRYING to make themselves look like complete idiots? An allegedly adult male. In a ONESIE???"

"His Imperial Majesty's testosterone level dropped by three orders of magnitude just looking at that picture, so Merry Christmas, Your Highness, no nookie until 2024. But we can knit you a sweater or give you a manicure instead."

"You can say what you want about ProgSocialists, but they have the most unintentionally hilarious ideas about what constitutes "outreach." And they also just bombed the U.S. birthrate for the next decade, because any previously functional male is now too busy trying to make his little feller come out just to pee to waste any time even thinking about procreation."
- Emperor Misha I

Read the entire brilliant diatribe HERE.

Update II: Speechless... Just... Fucking... Speechless...

Apparently... King Hussein Obama's internet gurus have not consummated the complete and utter destruction of Obamacare's public facade to their their liking... yet...
don't worry however... cause.... HERE THEY COME TO WRECK THE DAYYYYYYY!!!!!!

We can't look away... we want to... yet... our eyes... frozen in horror... unable to escape the torrent of fail... it's like those hipster douche-hats got together around a table, split three cans of PBR, got "like totally wasted," and attempted to get incredibly... meta... hey... at least Jugg-Ears's Brownshirts had the good sense to disable the comments this time.

...we'd like to point out that this abortion was paid for, with your tax dollars, which could have been spent doing something worthwhile. You know this cost millions. It's the fucking Federal Government. Hell, we'd be fucktastically surprised if the assholes managed to reign in the price to a "reasonable" cool billion.

Yeah yeah... just vote for the "R's" next election and this will all magically go away. Somehow. Uh-huh. And since you're here... might you also be interested in a spot of beachfront property out near Glascow Montana? Temperate weather! Great view! Awesome shoreline.

See the terror-show HERE. If you dare...