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Watching Harp-Seals Clap to Drum-beats of Their Own Destruction

It's all to often I see thoughtless, meandering bilge uttered such the following trash:

"Believe it or not the Government has every right to make those decisions on the largest of scale to protect us, help the global economy, notice I said global, and to be proactive in the progression of policies needed to work in the new era's presented before each administration. Now, "unstables" try to brand everything as "I know what is best for me not the government" and crap like the "CONSTITUTION DOESN'T SAY THAT," but can't fathom the fact that all things must change and or adapt of face the consequences of becoming irrelevant and outdated."

If only I had a quarter for every time some Statist wingnut (right or left) has uttered simpering, boot-licking, central-planner dick-sucking horsesh*t, I'd solve China's food problem.

Now, I could spend the next seven or eight paragraphs disassembling the above quote for the garbage it is, but instead, let us take a moment to examine the core illness - rather than the symptom, which the above stupidity is an expression of: The "divide" that once separated the factions of the dual-party system in America has been replaced with a "sports-junkie" mentality.

It's a terrible thing that one cannot rely on either political party to consistently protect civil rights. But, as has been proven by the last twelve years, most of the die-hards on the left or right will justify any behavior - no matter how frightening, - so long as their team is running the drones are assassinating U.S. Citizens, or their minions get to build the police state, brick by brick. Consistency, principles, scruples, and sanity all have gone to the wayside. Introspection dispossessed by cheer-leading. It matters not how tyrannical or despotic the Republocrats get - their staunchest followers will rationalize and justify nearly anything.

"Go-team. Rah-RAH-RAH! Willard Mitt Hussein Obama he's our man, if he can't do it, we'll riot!"

It frankly makes me ill to watch. This is worse than Balkanization. Spend a few minutes watching a Rabid "Bush" Republican and a staunch "Obama" Democrat arguing, if you can hold down your lunch. It quickly becomes ABUNDANTLY clear how the German people stood by compliantly as the Nazis unleashed hell. (Goodwin can eat sh*t).

Honestly, I never imagined a day in this nation when so many of the right wingnuts justify King George the Worst's fiscal madness, and most of the left wingnuts validate King Barry Hussein's murderous abuses of our civil liberties. I could at least "understand" if things were reversed... while no less abhorrent, the groups might maintain some shreds of ideologically consistency... the Republicans are supposed to be pro-defense spendthrifts, and the Democrats for decades posed as the defenders of the Bill of Rights, who spend liberally to help the downtrodden.

But not any more. Oh no. These days, all of D.C.'s hearts bleed, (right into bankruptcy), and everybody is a war-hawk sharpening their claws, (willing to burn the constitution to ash in the process). Black is white, up is down, good is bad, and newspeak rules the day. This is not merely hypocrisy... it's willingly embracing and institutionalizing it! This is how a Republic commits suicide.

Principles you say? Cast aside in the name of solidifying power and political expediency. The ends justify the means when you've got an grand omelet to construct after all. And while liberty is strangled to death, two quarter's of the country claps like barking harp-seals to the drum-beat of their own impending slavery - just so long as it's their team gets to wear the jack-boots they'll throw a ticker-tape parade for their jailers.

"Give-me-a-"W," Give-me-an-"I," Give-me-an-"N!" "We'll-rationalize-anything-so-long-as-our-Mascot-wins!!!!"

What the f*&^ is wrong with you people?

It's apparent that the only time RePubics care about fiscal sanity is when the Democrats are the ones burning money hand over fist, and the Moonbats can only give a s&^# about civil liberties when the Republicans are the ones stomping on them. The second either side gains a significant amount of power, they become deaf, dumb, blind, and STUPID to their own train of intolerable abuses and usurpations of our liberty.

A pox on both their houses.

If you want to have whatever remains of your faith in humanity destroyed, peruse the following link:
We're F*cked.

Warning: Bring Vomit Bags. Emphasis on the plural.