Politics & Rants

To All the Fuckheads Screaming For Us to Munch Shit Sandwiches:

Go fuck yourselves with rusty barbwire you insipid gentry-caste Repubican piss-guzzlers. You Goddamned Whigs need to realize you are deader than Dickens and less credible than Gary Busey at the pinnacle of a week long ether binge. You filthy bastards are not just liars, you're Goddamned charlatans and backstabbers - who arrogantly think themselves capable of pissing on the American public while commenting on the unseasonable rain.

Newsflash, you pox-tongued heaps of bilge flotsam: You're one-fourth as crafty as you imagine, and these "games" are as patently transparent as they are infantile. Surprise! The American people are capable of contrasting the filthy lies oozing from your rotted maws with what you retards actually fucking DO the second you plant your acne-pocked asses in those cushy leather chairs. (Seats us serfs paid for at gun-point no less. Add highway robbery and extortion to the list of grievances read aloud at your public lynchings post Civil War II).

May all you Establishment Republicans rot in a special part of hell reserved for the worst sorts of frauds, throat-slitters and hucksters. Hopefully, you'll be forcefully delivered there via good, stout rope - at the hands of the peasants you sold into penury. It is our fervent wish that your last moments on this earth be spent in terror, pain, anguish and regret.

Scratch that last part. Everybody knows liver-flukes don't feel "regret." But... they do react to suffering. "We the People" will just have to come to terms with that somehow.

If the proceeding screed was too difficult - or vile - for you to wrap your noggins around constant readers, then please, allow Alexander Hamilton to drive the point home in a less vitriolic manner:

"If we must have an enemy at the head of Government, let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible, who will not involve our party in the disgrace of his foolish and bad measures."
- Alexander Hamilton

Better to let the Marxist Prog-Nazi's push the nation into open warfare than acquiesce to the death-by-inches delivered courtesy of the Statist RePubics and their liars-brigade.


The 'Pubics will surrender, and then craft insulting sham-proceedings, farcical-trials and engage in mock-worthy grandstanding to hide the betrayal. These snake-oil productions are - by design - incapable of accomplishing anything. It's all mugging for the camera, hoodwinking the stupid, and insulting the intelligence of any person with the fortitude to watch this galactic joke unfurl. Fuck them. Destroy them. Abandon the Republicans at the ballot box, strangle their funds - make them further whore themselves before the Chamber of Commerce - refuse their minions every shilling they beg for. De-legitimize them.

"But but but... we must take them back from the inside!!!" screams the "logical adults." (A.K.A. Boodle-fed sub-human spineless Republican campaign hacks with bylines). To these cringing pussy's we say - resolutely - EAT SHIT AND DIE. Back in the good old days, when $10.00 was a tank of a gas, dinner for two and a movie, (with popcorn), our grandfather had a saying, relevant to this sort of Shit-burger gobbling pragmatism:

"You cannot co-opt Satan's throne by joining his legions."
- T.L.

It's as true today as it was when he said it. A person, no matter how just, can't sup with Lucifer, and then expect to take over hell in heaven's name. Hell is innately corrupting, filled with and controlled by evil - and indistinguishable from Washington D.C. at this point. There can be no victory through "infiltrating" either political party. No human is capable of oozing to the top of that cesspool and remaining untainted. Forget such nonsense - good intentions won't protect someone from the corrosive influence of Mordor on the Potomac.

The battle for this nation won't... no... CAN'T be prosecuted until the Republican Party is absolutely fucking destroyed. They are a roadblock to individual liberty - every bit as much as the Marxists - only more insidious in their methods. They extend a hand and beam smiles in friendship, while concealing a bayonet behind their back.

Burn it down - if in the process the Moonbats take complete control of our government, so be it - let them run wild. As a wise man at the WRSA is fond of noting... worse is better. After all... the harder the minions of Sauron squeeze, the more they justify their own firing squad. Encourage their malfeasance. The founders understood this gambit implicitly, and threw raw-meat at the Red-Coats until the British validated their own ouster.

Give the Moonbats all the rope they want. They'll gleefully drag it to their own place of execution. But first, the American people must rise up and mercy-kill the Republican party. Metaphorically speaking of course. Although... if the good folks should accidentally take us a bit... literally... well... we're OK with that too.