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Cuckish Reality - A Two-fer

Part I: Never Turn Your Back on a Cuck:

Just a heads up - the most dangerous people to you are not the sh*t-libs - or even their globalist taskmasters. Not by a long shot.

The people capable of the most damage are middle ground, yellow-bellied "moderate" Republicans. The variety of fools believing the system will somehow police itself... so long as you keep being a good little tax-slave and voting in the world's Paul Ryans and Mitt Romneys. The sort telling you to just be patient and Barr will do his job... any... day... now.

The cuck is a special sort of nimrod - they'll happily get you shot-to-death or locked in a cage, and pat themselves on the back profusely afterwards. These are the REALLY dangerous mother-f*ckers in your AO, and you need to watch yourself around them.

These nincompoops will sic the Cops, BATF, NSA and the FBI on you without a moment's hesitation. They are misguided cretins - mid-witts I believe is the operative term - laboring under the foolish notion we can vote your way free of clown-world. And those delusions, plus their proximity to you on the right-side of the political spectrum make them TRULY damaging.

These incorrigible cretins cry for civility and compromise while ANTIFA beats people to death in the streets. They quibble, self-censor, scold, finger-wag, adopt prog shibboleths and tear down effective culture-warriors at every turn. Like terrible parents, they're trying to play nicey-nice with spoiled-rotten children - while their "children," (read: enemies), are literally breaking skulls open in front of disinterested pigs and Soros-owned municipal governments.

I've had multiple less than cordial house-calls from the FBI in my lifetime. (All very expensive escapades indeed). Every single time, it was some callow moderate mush Republican who did the snitching.


Just know your worst enemies are the cowards clinging to their delusions of America-that-was - you threaten their daydream by resisting - and they will see you dead if you rattle their fantasy universe too much. Keep them at a distance and keep them in the dark.

Cucks and Reality

Part II: Let's Be Realistic Here Folks.

"No one is coming to save you."
- Herschel Smith

That comment right there folks - it says everything. You won't have a magical army of Delta-Force and Robert Ludlum super-spies charging in to save liberty. You will each have to do it yourselves, in your own little ways, in your own community.

This is Civil War we're talking about - not a fictional spy-thriller. And it will look more like Yugoslavia than Gettysburg. People need to temper the fantasy with reality if we mean to win it.

Donald Trump is not a super-genius tactician orchestrating the destruction of the Deep State. Trump's an idealistic old Civ-nationalist who was caught completely off-guard by how far gone America really is. Like most Civ-natters, he bought the Lee Greenwood illusion of America-that-Was. Trump assumed these government agencies "full of devoted professionals" would care about policing themselves and maintaining their reputations and legitimacy.

Well, he was wrong. And now Trump's scrambling, surrounded by enemies looking to do him in, only aware of his peril at the close.

We have to know ourselves and realistically appraise our situation if we intend to win. It is going to be dirty, it is going to be ugly, and it won't be wrapped up with a nice neat bow or a rousing orchestral theme as the credits roll. Ol'Remus had the right of it in the end.

But understand that ANYTHING is better than the slavery they have in mind for us. Even death and privation.

Don't black-pill yourselves into submission, but don't be unrealistic about what we're facing here either. Fantasy is an indulgence for kids and mad-men. The folks who will be shivering out in the cold, with little to eat, exhausted, hunted, dying and bleeding will be US or NOBODY.

Accept this - then prepare your mind, your body and your soul for the trials ahead.

Cucks and Reality

^ This is a meme. It is funny. It angers the left. It inspires the right. It is not however, in any way indicative of reality. Let us not huff our own farts as the left does.