Politics & Rants

Fair-Weather Friends

As I wander the lanes of ye olde interwebs, I'm winessing a multitude of masks peeling off folks purportedly on our side of the divide. The ugliness lurking behind them is satisfying in a way - everyone's ego enjoys being right. What's more, I am seeing some of the younger folks gob-smacked by how alone they truly are in this battle. Minds blown, they reel, not knowing how to react to all their "friends" in positions of influence turning upon them.

To those of you reeling from the blow, I'll let you in on a secret: We don't have any friends with influence in the press, media or in even in the government.

Be thankful. Donald Trump's parting gift to us - and make no mistake, it's a tremendous one - was to make the Glenn Reynolds, the John Hinderakers, the Glenn Becks, the Mark Levins, the Sean Hannitys and all of the rest of the iron-rice-bowl clanking fake-allies reveal their true colors.

Now you see that Politicians like Rand Paul and Mike Pence NEVER saw you all as anything but silly rubes to fleece. Thanks to Trump, you understand the one eyed huckster Dan Crenshaw was nothing more than a Democrat with flashy explosions in his advertisements.

None of these people ever liked us or supported our beliefs. We were a resource to be tapped. Like oil, lumber or coal.

They fleeced us of votes and money, the entire time holding us, at a minimum, in utter contempt. And why not? Who respects stupid rubes so easily taken advantage of?

We bought their books, donated to their campaigns, listened to their programs and watched their shows - and the whole time, they hated our outdated, frumpy, Christian, un-cosmopolitan beliefs. They told us everything we wanted to hear, and the whole while, made damn sure nothing we wanted ever got done.

The reality is, we outsourced our freedom to a pack of thespians, charlatans and milquetoasts - with predictable results. Sean Hannity and Mark Levin love their mansions and big fat bank accounts and their easy, cushy jobs. Do you think they'll risk them for our liberty? Hell, most of us won't even cancel our Netflix or stop buying tranny-infested video games - so why the fuck WOULD these "freedom-pimps" put their asses on the line?

The flim-flammers saw oceans of lazy saps to fleece. Too apathetic, too wrapped up in our own distractions - and too fucking gutless to bother protecting our precious gifts. We were even too chicken-shit to lift a finger when mini-skirt clad mental-patients invaded our daughter's restrooms. Every time that happened, the pedos responsible should have been pitched into a wood-chipper.

But we had better things to do. So they sheered us all like sheep. And if that pisses you off, it SHOULD. We should be mad right now. Not merely furious over the evil fucking commies who stole our liberty, not just seething over the lying, backstabbing Republican politicians, or raging at the perfidious, fair-weather patriots in the "conservative" press - who've unilaterally DENOUNCED ALL OF US in the last twenty-four hours.

More than all of that, we should be angry with ourselves.

Because we, and our parents, and their parents before that, cringed, hoisted the white flag, and then outsourced the defense of liberty to a pack of grifters, deceivers and turncoats. And now... it's gone. Poof.

We can't even vote anymore - the fraud is so deep and institutionalized now that we WILL NEVER HAVE A MEANINGFUL ELECTION EVER AGAIN. While it's become obvious the caretakers we selected were, the entire time, working against us, ultimately WE are the ones responsible here.

If we want our liberty back, we'll have to fight for it. The way we should have back when the FBI was burning down buildings full of little kids and shooting women cradling babies.

If we won't, then it's gone for good. Be assured - you can't outvote and out-add multiplication - and the fuckers who just took the keys to the tanks ain't giving your freedom back because you asked nicely.

This Is Voting Going Forward

See that graph? That's our future now. Every election. Every time from here on out. That chart represents your children's future, unless we get off our asses and start fighting back.

If this reality chills you to the bone, then grasp your chains and wrap them close around you - like an iron blanket. Or... figure out how you can throw spanners in the works.

And, should you choose the chains, then for the love of God stop squealing and bitching about the selection. We're not prog-Nazis - we're patriots, and we're accountable for our decisions. Spare us your lamentations and wear your bonds meekly - or pick up your sword and fight like you care.

Maybe I'M being a jerk here, but time's up, and the window of any meaningful resistance is rapidly closing. Pick a side, and remember:

There can be no sedition against tyranny.