Politics & Rants

The Grey-Pill


Quite a few people are getting black-pilled about Donald Trump. I can't blame them. These folk are correctly noting he's not doing anything to save Heritage America. DJT is about promoting DJT.

These same people wisely note that our "choice" is between a party who openly wants us dead in the immediate term, and one who wants us to die out on a more gradual timeline.

This is dilemma not accidental . (Mark Twain had a thing or two to say about voting). That said, before we just say "fuggit," allow me to disseminate a grey-pill or two.

There is value in the feds openly attacking Trump instead of being able to expend ALL of their energy going after us. Just by virtue of taking up space in the White House, DJT divides the enemy's resources. Their energy and political capital is not infinite.

Second point - DJT buys us time. Time is fleeing and precious. While he's not helping Heritage America, he's not openly moving to destroy it either. That gives us precious weeks, months and years to lay in munitions, food, gold, silver, move out of blue hives and grab combat/comms training.

We can buy ourselves another four years of partial reprieve in November. It's not going to reverse a century of Marxist rot. This nation is toast. A zombie staggering along on inertia. Accept as fact that we will have a horrible war. Sure, Trump won't do anything of value to help anyone but Trump. But making himself the prog's number one target sure won't hurt FREEFOR's prospects...

Recognize that We WILL NOT be getting anyone who has our backs. That's not happening. The system is rigged to prevent that. What we CAN get someone who deflects much of the attention we'd be otherwise getting.

You think it's bad now? Wait until the half of the swamp/press who've been throwing hatchets at Trump unite and turn their full attention towards Heritage America.

Don't look at Trump as someone who's going to save you. He's not - and he couldn't even if he wanted to. Look as DJT as a way to give you time to prepare your heart, mind, body and soul for the horrible war that's coming.

If you've already got preps up to your eyeballs, a nice house in rural Wyoming and could teach John Mosby a thing or two... GREAT. Work on getting your family and community prepared.

I can't speak for the rest of you. But if you give me the choice between Civil War come May of 2021, or May of 2025, I'll pick 2025 in a heartbeat. I can do a lot in my community and with my family in four years. And make no mistake - this battle will take PLEANTY of hard-hearted comrads at your side.

How many people do you know who will help you bury a body? Be BRUTALLY HONEST in your answer. How much can you up that number in three months? How about four years?

Use whatever time we have left to the upmost. God speed friends.