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Duty Belt Kit:

Some preppers will use a military or law enforcement duty belt as a sort of minimalist survival kit. Quality duty belts feature unparallelled durability, modular components, and excellent compartmentalization - making for an attractive storage solution.

However, (and this is a big one), the combat ready appearance of any Duty Belt guarantees they are unsuitable for anything approaching daily wear. These sorts of kits can only be worn openly after the balloon has gone up, so to speak. Parading around any town or city in a duty belt, (when not a member of the military or law enforcement), is a recipe for attention and trouble.

When selecting a holster for your side-arm, try to find one with a flap that completely covers the pistol. A good holster is not merely intended to carry your weapon - it must also protect it from the elements. The good ones have drainage holes, a sturdy latch or snap flap, and can be accessed by flipping your thumb into them on a draw.

Table of Contents:

• Leatherman Wave
• Leatherman Bit kit
• Leatherman Sharpening Rod
• Leatherman Bit Extension
• Kabar
• Cameoflage Paint

• Ball Point Pen
• Notepad
• 4x AA Batteries

• Sweedish Fire Steel
• 50x Strike Anywhere Matches
• Ziplock Baggie of Dryer Lint & Wax
• Bandanna
• Civil Discussion Gloves

Navigation &

• Cammenga Lensatic Compass
• Moterola Two-Way Radio
• Jetscream Whistle
• 40 Lumin LED Flashlight
• LED Clip Headlight

• S&W .686
• 2x Speed Loaders .357
• 2x 20 Round Magazines (Mini-14)
• 1x 5 Round Magazine (Mini-14)
• 45x .223 Remington (69gr JHP)
• 21x .357 Magnum (139gr JHP)

• Stainless Steel Water Bottle
• 20 Gallon Water Filter
• 4x Katadyn Micropur Tabs
• Bobber
• 30 feet 12 Pound fishing Line
• 4x Sinkers
• 6x Fishing Hooks
• Back Support Suspenders
• Duty Belt
• Kydex Kabar Holster
• Bivy Bag
• Gloves Pouch
• Hand-Cuffs Pouch
• Compass Pouch
• Water Bottle Pouch
• Magazine Pouch
• Speed Loader Pouch
• Leatherman Holster
• Radio Pouch
• Flashlight Pouch

First Aid:
• 8x Band-Aids
• Chap-Stick

Full Belt Contents:

Duty Belt

Gear Stored in Belt Pouches:

Duty Belt