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Entertainment Bag

Entertainment is often neglected, and while a disaster may require rapid flight from danger, and stressful situations may command one's attention, there is also the possibility that a person will face a "hurry up and wait" scenario. Particularly if the bug out is being provoked by less than society ending circumstances. In fact, the majority of problems will involve one picking up shop, moving to a location, and then waiting. And waiting. And Waiting... and waiting.... aaaaaannnd waaaaiting.

People with children understand full well that idle hands are the devils playthings, and that kids these days are hard to keep distracted with a deck of playing cards or a SAS manual. This is not merely limited to youngsters - in this era of electronic marvels, many are so hooked on gadgets and gizmos that the thought of playing solitaire for 9 hours is three steps below watching cement harden.

Whatever forms of entertainment a survivalist or prepper enjoys, they should consider a small bag of entertainment goodies. In the era of E-books, net-books, ultrabooks, tablets, and smartphones, there are a ton of options. (But thankfully they don't have to weigh a ton...)

- For small children, coloring books, sketchpads, colored pencils, matchbox cars, paper doll booklets, and MP3 players loaded down with children's stories are a great way to keep the little fingers out of trouble. Small dollar store packs of figurines, Legos, and inflatable balls can wittle away the hours.

- Teenagers are great with portable video-game systems, or a smartphone loaded down with emulators and games. Anything that plays music is superb at keeping the biting remarks and acidic complaints to a minimum. Small laptops and tablets also make impressive entertainment devices, as well as useful tools, and can store entire libraries worth of e-books and movies. One might also consider some RPG dice, (Role Playing Game), and game manuals - a very easy way to pack around hundreds of hours of battery-free distraction.

- For older folks, assorted decks of playing cards, cribbage pegs, and pocket sized versions of board games can help idle time fly. Kindle tablets loaded down with e-books last a long time on a charge, and are easier on the eyes than an ipad. Also, a good old fashioned pocket bible packs a ton of interesting narrative into a small space.

Depending on the contents, an EB can be nothing more than a small camera case, or as large as a small satchel. If the kit includes electronics, consider spare power cables, batteries, and other accessories to keep them running long term. Some of the purpose built lap-top and hand-held gaming bags are incredibly rugged, as the Nintendo case pictured below displays.

Table of Contents:

• Tri-Wing Screwdriver
• Small Phillips Screwdriver
• Silk Screen Cloth
• Sony Adapter Plug
• USB Recharge Cable
• USB Charger Adapter Cord

• Game Boy Tray & Nylon Case
• 2x Game Boy Cases
• 6x DS Cases
• Nintendo DS Lite
• Battery Powered Recharger
• Universal Wall Charger
• Cigarette Plug Charger
• Ear-Bud Headphones
• Memory Stick

• 15 Game Boy Games
• 15 DS Games
Spare Parts:
• 2x L/R Buttons & Springs
• 1x 4-way Button Pad
• 1x ABXY Button Pad
• 1x Lithium Ion Battery
• 4x LCD Screen Covers
• 3x Stylus

Full Bag Contents:

Entertainment Bag

Packing Games & Most Tools:

Entertainment Bag

Stowing Tray and Remaining Tools:

Entertainment Bag

Remaining Games and Charging Accessories Stowed:

Entertainment Bag

Bag Closed & Packed:

Entertainment Bag