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Every Day Carry Gear

It's a good idea to carry useful tools and equipment on one's person - commonly referred to as EDC Gear, (Every Day Carry). Not only is such equipment highly useful for simple day-to-day chores, but it can be potentially life-saving.

The rational for an EDC Kit is as follows: While it's entirely possible for one to become separated from a BOB or an EDC bag, it's highly improbable somebody will loose their pants, shirt, and belt. (If a fellow does manage to loose said articles... there's an interesting story, and frankly, we'd kinda like to hear it...)

In the example below, we see the owner has arranged for basic self defense, warmth, light, disinfectant, basic tools, communications, cordage, currency, important identification, time-keeping, as well as a pen and paper.

While not a robust BOB, (Bug Out Bag), this small personal kit has a well thought out collection of tools that could well be critical in an emergency situation - and is nearly inseparable from it's owner.

When preparing an EDC load-out, consider the environment - what a Day-laborer or an electrician can get away with wearing at work is very different from an office worker or an attorney. For a business-person, a Swiss-army knife would be more culturally acceptable than a multi-tool. Or an IT-tech might want to consider a Leatherman-wave, which looks more like a something used to service PC's and less like a knife. Office policy may dictate an even smaller side-arm, or none at all - perhaps a good ball-pont pen Kubotan by Schrade would be in order. Adapt the gear to the habitat - there is zero point is drawing unwanted attention.

For lugging around EDC tools, button up shirt pockers are a great place to stash gear. Carhartt makes a wide selection of pants, from heavy work-wear to office-casual, most of which have scores of compartmentalized pockets and loops for stashing equipment out of sight in. Those forced to wear business suits will find their suit-jacket, (and vest), filled with pockets - both inside and out - all great for shoving a few extras into. Some occupations might allow for a fanny-pack, or a work-vest, and there are many brands of office-casual cargo pants with loads of pocket-space.

Table of Contents:

• Leatherman Wave
• Leatherman Bit Extension
• Leatherman Bit-kit
• Leatherman Rod Sharpener
• Hand-cuff Key
• Important Keys
• 550 Cord Bracelet

Navigation &

• Pre-paid Telephone
• Diving Watch
• Identification and Permits
• Tactical Flashlight

• Ruger LCR .38
• 10x Power Ball .38 +P
• Ball-point Pen Kubotan

• Wet Wipes
• 1x AA Battery
• $240.00 Cash
• Note-pad
• Credit Cards
• Butane Zippo
• Hot Hands Toe Warmers
• Handkerchief

First Aid:
• Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
• Chapstick Lip Balm
• Phone Holster
• .38 Pocket Holster
• Leatherman Holster
• Wallet

Example EDC Gear: