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As we've mentioned before, entertainment is often neglected when people go about their crisis planning. This is however, a poor idea, since the overwhelming balance of emergencies involve a rapid relocation to a safe environ, which then devolve into hours of tedious waiting. Given this fact, a solid entertainment box can go a long way towards preserving a person's sanity.

A quality game box should include a few highly engrossing games, be highly compact, and as light as reasonably possible. The pastime(s) selected should not use batteries or require electricity to play. Anything multi-player is a plus, but there should be a way to go it all alone too.

Some examples might be "Travel" versions of popular board games, like Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit or Risk. Another option is a slimmed down Role Playing Game, such as Dungeons & Dragons or Shadow Run - both excellent ways to whittle away the hours. Dominoes, Dice, Checkers, Chess, Poker, Uno and scores of other classics are great options as well - and come in small road packs which will help a fellow make the most of limited space. (One clever and light-weight option involves using laminated paper sheets and Dry-Erase markers).

Whatever entertainment types chosen, your kit needs to be housed in a good water-proof container. Soggy Poker cards makes for less than ideal play. Most Big-Box and Sporting Goods Stores sell hard-walled waterproof electronics cases, complete with snapping locks and silicone seals to keep out liquids. Pick a container that's just big enough to get the job done, but not so large the contents rattle about.

Now that you've picked some games and a container, focus on wrapping each component in zip-lock baggies. Craft bags are excellent for this task, since you'll likely be dealing with numerous small pieces. Not only will the pouches add a second layer of water resistance, they will reduce wear on the game parts and fill out the excess space to mitigate rattling. To makes it easier to stack, consider slipping thin, firm cardboard cut-outs into the Zip-Lock Baggies,

You'll probably want some small note-pads, pens, pencils, sharpeners, and paper to tally scores - so grab a few and bag them as well. Sheets of paper cut in half, (or folded), and neatly stacked in the bottom of the box are not only useful for game-play, but help compress the Game Box's contents, further reducing rattling noises. Don't forget to print out some game rules and shove them in the box!

Once your box is collected, shake it up a bit and add more paper, bags, or game pieces until it's tightly packed and no longer rattles. Extra noise is something you never want, and your game's bouncing around might damage them. Try to keep the box under four pounds - the objective is to fill a need, not to encumber yourself.

Table of Contents:

• 10x D&D Character Sheets
• 5x Ballpoint Pens
• 2x Mechanical Pencils
• 120x .5mm Pencil Leads
• 2x 3B Pencils
• 2x Plastic Erasers
• 2x Note Pads

• Pencil Sharpener
• Calculator
• D&D Library on SD Card
• 1x 60 Second Timer
• 1x 180 Second Timer

• Dungeons & Dragons
• Poker
• Farkle
• Craps
• Cthulhu Dice
• Liar's dice
• Ship, captain, and crew
Game Pieces:
• Micro D&D Player's Handbook
• 12x Red Stones
• 12x Green Stones
• 12x Blue Stones
• 9x Bead Counters
• Mini-Playing Cards
• 3x 4-Sided Dice
• 6x 6-Sided Dice
• 3x 8-Sided Dice
• 3x 10-Sided Dice
• 3x 12-Sided Dice
• 3x 20-Sided Dice
• 19x 24 count Packets of Game Money

• 20x Small Zip-lock Baggies
• 3x Medium Zip-lock baggies
• 1x Large Zip-lock Baggie
• 1x Waterproof Electronics Vault
• 1x Small Plastic Box
• 2x Para-cord Restraining Straps
• 3x Dice Tubes
• 1x SD Card Case

Full Box Contents:

Entertainment Bag

Packaging Game Parts:

Entertainment Bag

Stowing and Stacking Game Elements:

Entertainment Bag

Box Fully Packed:

Entertainment Bag

Box Closed & Packed:

Entertainment Bag