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Bug Out Vehicle Kit

One way in which many survivalists and preppers carry their equipment is to load it into the BOV, (Bug Out Vehivle). This has several advantages over packing around one's emergency supplies, not the least of which is the sheer weight of the gear that can be transported from place to place. However, the drawback is, should the vehicle be somehow rendered inoperable, much of the equipment contained there-in will need to be abandoned.

In the pictured BoV kit, there is a small *convertible pack, as well as a variety of THULE carriers that buckle to the back of the seats, the cargo area floor, console, sun-visors, roof, and and sides of the seats. This it to circumvent one of the Jeep's big drawbacks - lack of storage area. The BoB slides perfectly into the floor THULE storage carrier, along with a nice set of tools, jumpers, and a spare quart of oil. There is additionally a locking gun-safe under the driver's seat which holds a Star model 19m and 3 spare magazines.

A way to expand a vehicle's cargo capacity is a cargo carrier (with zipper bag) that snaps into the trailer jack. This allows a user to transport cumbersome things like 5 gallon gas cans, water, or personal belongings. The good ones will support north of 500lbs, and important gear can be chained to the rack. Don't forget a good hitch-lock with keys.

A rifle-rack of some sort can be invaluable. There are many options for attaching them to the cabin ceiling, the backs of seats, or even the rear hatch/door of your BoV. For those concerned about appearances, or living in urban areas, there are magnetic posts that do not automatically register as "weapon holders."

Mounting carriers to the sides of the seats can keep useful things like pens, binoculars, flashlights, paper, air pressure gauges, bug spray and sunblock handy for everyday use. Many of the good ones have zippered pockets as well as mesh pockets.

The Jockey Box is an excellent place for a good first aid kit. In the kit below, you can see a little Swiss Army Satchel has been re-purposed to this task. Consider keeping an old cell phone with no plan and a universal recharger in the first aid kit. (911 works even on a phone with no plan.)

To view the first aid kit's contents, click HERE.

The glove compartment it a swell location for various AC/DC adapters, multi-socket plugs, small stationary kits, and a universal charger kits with about different heads enabling one to recharge a host of different electronic devices. The kit below features the ability to recharge devices by AAA battery, hand crank, or the a car's power ports.

Make sure the gun-safe is fully foam lined and rests in a location well out of sight - like under the driver's seat. The good ones are built like a tank, and will detour thieves in a "smash and grab." Consider a "rechargeable" moisture absorber and a quality air-tight bag to protect your weapon from humidity.

A THULE cargo carrier in the rear attaches to most vehicles floor hooks and is compartmentalized and adjustable with Velcro - with proper packing, most things slide in snugly. A sealed pouch is great for things like jumper cables, oil, air pumps and other tools.

Every bit of space is useful - consider using the area underneath the rear seat for things like a jack, tent, toiletries, and other "camping" and cooking gear.

The rear gate in an SUV is a nice place to attach hooks and clips - for useful tools like a maglite or fire extinguisher. Additionally, with a cargo cover, these things remain safely out of sight to prying eyes.

For a reasonable price, Sun-blind carriers with eye-glass clips, CD holders, zipper pouches, pen loops, and more can be had, expanding real-estate without looking out of place.

The "Trunk Gun"

A "Trunk Gun" is a firearm that lives in one's automobile. Because the weapon is left in the car at all times, it's exposed to the heat, cold, humidity and enjoys a greater risk of theft. One of the biggest problems is the condensation that forms on metal surfaces from a vehicle heating up in the winter - this can quickly damage a even a stainless steel firearm.

Theft is easier to deal with than environmental effects - Keep you Trunk Gun out of sight - behind the seats in a truck, under a cargo cover in an SUV, and of course... IN THE TRUNK of a car. Window and roof racks are nice for keeping a firearm out of the way and accessible, but make inviting targets for criminals.

Dealing with corrosion is trickier, for one, a person will need to strip, clean, and oil the firearm bi-monthly, and they will also need to invest in a rust-inhibitor. For this task we recommend a product called EZOX, which both lubricates and protects a firearm from moisture.

Pistols are easier to store and preserve, thanks to their small size. Lubricate the pistol well with your favorite gun-oil, then place the pistol in a zip-lock bag with a clean, dry, tied-off sock - filled with Silica gel pellets. The desiccant and being sealed will do a very good job protecting your Trunk Gun, particularly if you keep it away from the vehicles vents. You should expect to change the silica pellets, clean and oil the pistol every 6 months to keep it in working order.

As to the "type" of firearm selected, that depends on personal taste and needs. However - given the rough wear and potential for theft, using a premium weapon for a Trunk Gun might not be the best plan. A Ruger 10/22, a used Glock 17, or a Mossberg Maverick are all examples of economical and reliable firearms. A Trunk Gun should be capable but expendable - if it's the sort of thing one will weep over, they should think twice before letting it sit in a motor vehicle.

Table of Contents:

• Fine File
• Crescent Wrench
• Adjustable Screwdriver
• Socket Driver
• Fuse Tester
• Wire Caps
• Fuse Assortment
• Wire Brush
• Ratchet
• Ratchet Adapter
• 6x Screwdriver heads
• 32 Piece Socket Set
• 2x Air Pressure Tester
• Multi-Tool
• Spare Oil Pan Cap
• Spark Plug Socket
• Air Compressor
• 10 Wrench Set
• 2x Hex Sets
• Tire Repair Kit
• Mirror Repair Kit
• Radiator Seal Kit
• Pry-Bar
• Gerber Folding Shovel
• Eastwing Hatchet
• Diamond Sharpening Stone
• Lashing Strap
• Jumper Cables
• 1 Gallon Gas Can
• Crampons
• Ear Protection
• Poly-cord
• 6x Bungee Cords
• Silk Glasses Rag
• Sunglasses
• Glasses Strap

• Push Knife
• Mossberg Maverick 12-Guage
• 6x 12-guage Slugs
• 6x 12-gauge Buckshot
• 18x 12-guage Birdshot

• 1 Gallon Water
• 4x AA Batteries
• 4x AAA Batteries
• 2x Packs Wet Wipes
• 10 Maxi-Pads
• Diaper Rash Ointment
• Baby Powder
• 10x Diapers
• Fire Extinguisher
• 150 Plastic Bags
• 50ft Aluminum Foil
• 2x Kleenex Packs
• Alcohol Hand Sanitizer
• DEET Bug Spray
• Butane Lighter Fluid
• 50 SPF Sun-Block
• $20.00 Change
• $100.00 Cash (Small Bills)
• Stationary Kit
• Sponge
• 8x 10 Gallon Zip-Lock Bags
• Quart Oil

• 8x10 Plastic Tarp
• 8x10 Camouflage Netting
• 2x Mico-Fleece Blankets
• Travel Pillow/Blanket
• Rain Poncho
• Umbrella
• Window Scraper
• 3x Cans Sterno
• Neoprene Face-mask
• Boonie-Hat
• Micro-fleece Ear Band
• Work Gloves
• Sterno Collapsible Stove
• 6x Hot Hands
• 4x Hot Hands Body Warmers
• 4 Person Tent
• Thermometer
• Gorilla Tape
• Merino-Wool Long Underwear
• 2x Nylon Socks
• 2x Cotton Socks
• Boxers
• LED Maglite
• Energizer LED Flashlight
• Hand Crank Flashlight

Navigation •

• Binoculars
• Hand Crank radio
• Topographical Maps
• Google Map Collection
• Printed Overland Routs
• Road Atlas
• Glycerin Compass

• Collapsible Ruck Sack
• 3x Plastic Binders
• Thule Side-Seat Carriers
• Thule Garbage Carrier
• Thule Read-Seat Carriers
• Thule Roof/Hitch Hauler Bag
• Thule Hitch Carrier
• Thule Cargo Box
• Thule Visor Pouches
• Thule Sunglasses Clips
• Thule Underseat Carrier
• Sentry Floor Safe
• 2x Silk Bags
• Case Logic CD Case
• Water-Resistant Clothing Bag
• Plastic Bag Dispenser
• Bell Change Organizer
• Tupperware Container
• Mesh Bag
• 4x Zip-Lock Vacuum Bags
• Zippered Tool Pouch
• Lock-Tite Container

• Hand-Crank Recharger
• AC/DC Inverter
• 24 CD's
• 30 Power Adapters
• Encrypted Thumb-drive
• 4 Socket Power Plugs
• *Solar Power Kit

*The Solar Kit will get it's own post.
**Not Shown: 20 Gallons Gasoline, 4x 5 Gallon Gas Cans, Hitch Rack.

Full Kit Contents:

Bug Out Vehicle

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Bug Out Vehicle

Further Packing:

Bug Out Vehicle

Trunk Gun:

Bug Out Vehicle